Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorry to all 2 of my faithful followers… I did not blog day 6 or 7.
Here’s a quick catch up.
Day 6 was uneventful much of the same. Still felt like I was moving slower than normal. I did survive my first exposure to eating outside of my controlled area. I went to a Labor Day PICNIC!!! Yikes. Actually I thought it through ahead of time. Had a delish “lettuce burger” (a normal burger nestled beautifully between 2 lettuce leaves. Crunch, Crunch). I did find it hard to pass up the other side dishes; The salad with it’s sugared dressing, potato chips on display for me to look at but not touch, apple pie to smell but not partake of…..ah well. I made it. Exercises went well. No worries of getting a cramp due to to much food. J

Day7 opened with a wonderfully brisk 3 mile run. Breakfast with my sister followed at a RESTAURANT. I splurged and asked for 2 scrambled eggs instead of 1 filled with spinach and mushrooms. Not bad. Passing on the hash browns that my sister so cruelly ordered and ate I might add right in front of me just about did me in.

Because I was feeling so confident, I suggested the family eat out for dinner. Bull and Bear Grill it was. I recalled the words of wisdom Dr. Matt had given us; “ask for grilled meat and steamed veggies without the oil”. I did get a salad and I have to say I think the oil and vinegar dressing had sugar in it, but I am sure it was just a trace. After dinner, dessert was Burst exercises in the family room. Yummy.

Day 8 The day I had been waiting for, well kinda. A mixture of good and not so good: Weigh in day L New menu and exercises day J Yes I lost weight, not the intent necessarily, but it was fine. We were given a new menu for our meals for the week with a few extra recipes for smoothies and a dessert. I was very excited.

Off to the grocery store to stock up on veggies and pure chicken and fish. Interesting to see how little ends up in my cart, but how the bill is still substantial. An hour spent in the kitchen cutting and slicing and cooking and mixing for the lunches and dinners to come. Not too bad. J
Cardio at the gym and Burst exercises and done for the night.

I learned: Planning ahead makes a difference and Lettuce buns are not too bad.
I miss: Cheese and crackers on my deck.

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