Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 5...oh my

Okay so I made it thru day 5.  Not too bad.  Still somewhat slow moving.  Strange.  

Not a happy camper as I watch my daughters eat Double Stuff Oreos and my homemade salsa with chips.  Ugh... He did tells us with a smile... "you all might get a little #@&%&" .  Yikes.  Should have been a warning.  Soooooo looking very forward to getting the new "Menu of the Week" on Tuesday from Dr. Matt.:-)

Cardio felt good.  Warmed up and finished with the elliptical and then Burst exercises.     SPeaking of Bursts......Don't know which is worse-- having Nicole sat the Burst exercises  look like water aerobics out of the water or  wondering what people thought at the gym.  And I thought the staring bystanders at the gym just wanted to join in and were jealous. ????  Looking forward to a nice run on Sunday or Monday with the break in the weather.

I learned:  I can be full without feeling too full.  If that makes sense.  And even if I eat a whole quart of blueberries I still want an OREO!!!!

I miss:  Oreos, my homemade salsa, slice of whole wheat toast and Brown Sugar,  have I mentioned that!!!

Bloggin off.....

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