Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 1 Down

29 Days To Go doesn't explain much, but read on.  I haven't blogged before, obviously, but hey I figured give it a try.

I accepted a 30 Day Fitness Challenge through my work.  I don't usually do Fitness challenge things.  I have my own ideas and I know what generally works for me and my body.  I had to try it as it was something new to me and I love trying new things. 

Day 1:   Give me my coffee, half a piece of whole wheat toast (to get my vitamins and med down) and I am good to go.  Not today.  Today I had to eat 2 scrambled eggs with peppers and onions.  Now don't misunderstand me I love that, but ugh was that a lot to stomach in the morning.  Feeling full, it was on to getting measured.  Yes, that means, weight, body fat percentage, lung capacity (time to Google that), blood pressure and waist circumference.  Interesting way to start the morning.

I soon discovered I DO NOT like feeling so full; just ask my co-worker, Andrew.   I was rather crabby by 10:00 as my stomach was still very full feeling.  All I could think about was how am I going to get the berries down that I am supposed to eat as a mid morning snack.  I did get a few down around 11:00.   By 1:00 I almost felt like eating the salad with grilled chicken and mushrooms on it.  My tummy finally growled around 4:30, oops missed my afternoon snack of 4 almonds (just kidding).  Dinner was my fav as it was sauteed veggies with just a little grilled turkey.  Finally time for something I want to do....cardio.   Treadmill and then what I thought would be silly and useless (sorry Dr. Matt) 20 second bursts of squats as fast as I could.  That kicked my behind!!  Literally!  More treadmill and home to "enjoy" water with lemon on the deck.  A far cry from my usual glass of wine.

Lessons learned from Day 1:  1 egg for breakfast not 2, meat once a day, I will work on the mid morning snack requirement,  3 sets of 3 - 20 second bursts of squats make my legs quiver and there is a lot of slicing, dicing and planning that goes into this type of challenge.  I am disclosing now, I was not made aware of all the extra prep time. : )

What I miss most:  dark brown sugar in my strong, morning coffee!

Bloggin off for Day 1; 29 to go

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  1. Yay for new blogs to follow! Sounds like an interesting day! Can't wait to see how it goes for you :)